No, You Shouldn’t Use A Dent Puller

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No, You Shouldn’t Use A Dent Puller

No, You Shouldn’t Use A Dent Puller how to pull dent

car-dentIt’s maddening to walk out to your car after grocery shopping to see a brand new door ding, a dent, or your car’s paint scraped away. If your car was hit and the culprit didn’t leave their information, you’re on your own to fix the dent.

There are multiple devices on the market that claim to remove dents of any size without any problems. It’s possible that the device you decide to use will work, and the dent in your car will pop out. However, in many cases, a dent puller can actually exacerbate the problem, leaving you with a more expensive fix than you may have had before.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for those annoying dents and dings:

No, You Shouldn’t Use A Dent Puller

Contact your insurance agent.

If you don’t know what you’re covered for, contact your insurance agent. Now if your car was caught in a hail storm, you might be covered. If someone backed into your car in the parking lot and didn’t leave any information, check with your agent to see what they suggest. Whether you’re covered or not, Great Plains Auto Body dent removal can get your car looking new again.

Think about resale.

If you are considering pulling the dent(s) out yourself, make sure you consider all of the facts. There’s a good chance that the puller won’t completely remove the dent. Results are uncertain, and there is always the chance that you will do further damage to your car. It’s possible that you will ruin the paint or you will be left with a spot on your car that isn’t as smooth as the rest of your car. Dent pullers may be a good solution for some, but they’re less than perfect in most situations.

Know the facts.

There are multiple do-it-yourself suggestions for dent pullers. Some suggestions include using a rubber mallet or metal work hammer to bump out the dents. Others recommend using a household plunger, or even finding a dent puller that involves drilling into your car’s body. DIY dent solutions may seem reasonable, but again—many of these homebrew “fixes” leave your car looking worse than it did before.

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Leave it to the professionals to pop out dent in your car

Your best bet is to contact an auto body professional to see what they suggest. There are a few different ways that a professional can fix your dent, and they will know the best way to repair it. We can offer you an estimate for fixing that ding.