How Bad is Omaha Traffic?

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February 12, 2022
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March 28, 2022
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How Bad is Omaha Traffic?

How Bad is Omaha Traffic?

The city of Omaha is the most populated city in Nebraska. Thousands of people cruise the streets of Omaha every day on their way to home and work. Questions about the traffic (and just how much of it you can expect in Omaha) are common ones, especially for people who have just moved to the city or visitors and tourists.

How Bad is Omaha Traffic?

Traffic is the one thing nobody wants to run into anywhere. However, traffic is also something you can’t quite avoid in busy communities where everyone around you has something to do at the same time as you.

Here’s everything you should know about the traffic flow in Omaha, Nebraska, and what you can do to keep an eye on the traffic before and during your journey throughout the Omaha metro.

Peak Traffic Times in Omaha, Nebraska

Traffic in Omaha, Nebraska isn’t as bad as you might think, considering there is plenty of space for everyone who has somewhere to go. Nonetheless, traffic still happens, though is more likely to occur during rush hour. Approximately 7 AM to 9 AM and 4 PM to 6 PM are two generally busier times for Omaha traffic.

A lot of things could affect the traffic you face, including storms and accidents. Always check the most recent traffic report if you intend to travel anywhere, especially at busy times.

Traffic Watch

If you want to check out the traffic before you hit the road, there are many websites and news outlets that will keep you up to speed on the most important traffic updates. Use these local resources for traffic watch when you want to know what the roads look like right now, anywhere in Omaha, Nebraska.


KETV is one of the largest local news stations for Omaha. The KETV website has a whole page where you can check out what the roads look like. View the interactive map to see an up-to-date version of the traffic report. Other essential road statistics like accident reports are also available on the same page so you can plan your route around them.

KETV Traffic Watch

NDOTomaha: Twitter

If you would like to get your traffic report through social media, there’s the NDOT Omaha Twitter account. The NDOT Omaha Twitter feed is a great way to see updates from highway cameras all over Omaha. This account is a great way to find real-time updates.

All traffic updates are posted as they take place with a link to the website if you would like to view more about the specific event or see the main feed.

3 News Now: Traffic

Omaha is home to several great news providers that feed real-time news about the city. 3 News Now is another news source with a live traffic update that you can check at any point during the day (or night) to know what’s the roads look like – and what you should look out for as you go.

3 News Now also posts reports of any accidents or obstructions that drivers should know about in real-time. They are also one of the best news outlets you can visit for local headlines and events.


SigAlert is a live traffic map that posts everything you want to know about the traffic through a specific region or city. The link above takes you to the traffic and accident reports for Omaha, but you can also type in any other city if you want to check the traffic in your destination city.

Highway Cams

If you would like a live stream of Omaha traffic, you can move over to the official website for Nebraska. Here, you can have direct access to highway cameras covering most major traffic areas in the Omaha metro area.

NDOT Highway Cameras

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