Can You Repair Car Bumper Damage?

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May 18, 2022
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Can You Repair Car Bumper Damage?

Can You Repair Car Bumper Damage?

Minor car accidents are common in the United States. In fact, most adults can say that they have been involved in at least one car crash in their lives. Car damage to your bumper is a consequence that comes with most car crashes. Even minor knocks to the car can leave damage to the bumper. Front and rear bumpers are there to avert damage to the driver. In the event of a collision, a bumper will absorb some of the shock. That will likely cause most of the damage. If you have been involved in a fender bender, a total bumper replacement can be expensive. The good thing is that car bumper repair is an option in some instances.

Can You Repair Car Bumper Damage?

Can you repair car bumper damage?

Here’s what to know about car bumper damage and what can be repaired versus what’s better off being replaced.

Assess the Damage

The first step for anyone who has been involved in a car crash – after all emergency and safety measures have been followed – is to document the crash.

Take note of all the important details, including clear photos of the vehicle and any auto body damage. Write down things like the date, and exactly where the accident took place.

For insurance purposes and legal reasons, it’s always best to document crashes in as much detail as possible. Include minor details such as scratches, dents, and also paint damage.

Assess the extent of the damage to the car bumper first. Is it a light scratch, or did the collision cause any serious damage to the structural integrity of the bumper?

“It’ll Buff Out,”

We can almost all identify the type of structural damage that will buff out, as the common DIY meme suggests. If the accident has been minor and the bumper itself isn’t affected or dented, then the odds are that the damage to the part just involves the paint.

Scratches and scuff marks are just that, and they should be easy to get rid of. A simple clean can get rid of car accident damage that only scraped the paint.

Buffing and spray-painting can sometimes repair more severe bumper damage that harmed the car paint on the bumper.

If the damage is light enough to buff or paint away, it’s certainly much cheaper than total bumper replacement. It is also much easier to repair if your auto shop can color-match the paint.

Scratches and Scuffs

Scratches can be deeper than the surface. Sometimes bumper damage will chip away some of the bumper’s structure. If your bumper has been cracked or chipped, then a local auto body shop will be able to fill it in. However, this only works if the crack doesn’t run all the way through the bumper.

Simple wall filler and repainting of the damaged spot to match the color of the car can be enough to save a worn bumper after a collision.

The internet shows a lot of bad bumper repairs that are basically bumpers held to cars with strings, wires, or cable ties. If this is your idea of a repair, then you might want to consider bumper replacement instead.

Preparing for Repair

If you’re going to touch anything on the paint job of your car bumper, do at least a minor amount of preparation. Clean the bumper to remove all traces of dust and dirt. Make sure that you can match the new paint color to the original color of the bumper.

Professional Car Bumper Repair

More often than not, car bumper repair is not a DIY job. We recommend professional car bumper repair for anyone who doesn’t feel immediately confident in what they’re about to do.

If you have to watch YouTube videos about home bumper repair and still aren’t sure what you’re looking at, then call your local auto shop. In fact, they will be happy to take care of the repairs for you!

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