Car Insurance Negotiations

Car Insurance Negotiations Services

We are a DIRECT REPAIR FACILITY for the major insurance carriers. This means that we are pre-authorized by these companies to do repairs on vehicles.  What this means to you is that you don’t have to spend time searching for estimates or a facility that honors your car insurance company. We like to keep the repair process as easy as possible for you. After an accident, you might file a car insurance claim and think it is obvious what’s wrong with your car and what repairs are necessary.

In many cases, insurance companies do not accept a body shop’s estimate of what a repair will cost. In other cases, the insurer will generate the original estimate, and a repair shop might disagree.

In either case, we work with insurance companies to discuss the supplemental (additional damage found.)  Great Plains Auto Body will make negotiations for you; easing the process.  In most cases these are resolved after an amicable negotiation.

Points of contention over car insurance claims

What do insurance companies and repair shops disagree about? Her are two examples:

  • Whether a part can be fixed or needs to be replaced. For instance, a garage’s estimate might call for replacing a body panel, but an insurer might want the body shop to try repairing it first.
  • What kind of replacement part to use. Sometimes an insurance company will not pay for a part from the original manufacturer, insisting a used part or cheaper “aftermarket” version is good enough. Some high-end insurance policies guarantee use of original manufacturer parts.

Where you fit in?

Disagreements tend to be resolved fairly quickly. It generally goes pretty smoothly, because the insurance company and repair shops are going to be seeing one another again!

Your repair will depend on your insurance policy and state regulations. For instance, your coverage might spell out what kind of parts can be used.  It is our job to find those out and align our repair with your policy.