DIY or Don’t: Dent Repair Options

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November 13, 2020
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DIY or Don’t: Dent Repair Options

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Getting a dent on your car can really ruin your day but if the damage is not too severe, you can often get it repaired. Car dent repair prices can range from very expensive to very affordable depending on how much work needs to be done. Several services offer dentless repair which makes many vehicle owners think that they can complete repairs on their own. When it comes to dent repair, the question remains; should you do it on your own or should you take your car to the professionals for repair?

DIY or Don’t: Dent Repair Options

DIY Dent Repair To Avoid

Plunger Pull – people have been attempting to fix dents with plungers for ages. Sadly, what may work on your toilet simply won’t be effective on your car. Often, this method can cause the dents to get worse when the plunger is press down to gain suction. Aside from making the dent worse by pushing it in, the method can cause the metal to erupt outward. Now you will have a lump in the hull of your car in addition to cracked paint.

Dry Ice – one old-fashioned method of trying to fix dents is letting the metal heat in the sun and then applying dry ice to the damage. The sudden temperature change will often make the metal pop outward. While this may seem effective on paper, it can cause damage to the paint or even scratches. If you are not familiar with how to use dry ice safely, you may even burn your skin by touching the ice or the metal.

Hair Dryer- heat can help soften the metal, but pairing it with compressed air to trigger the dent to pop will end up damaging the paint. If the paint on your car’s exterior gets cracked, it can allow moisture and salt to get under the metal surface. Over time this will cause rust which is bad for the structural integrity of your vehicle.

Plenty of other methods have been used to try to repair car dents, but most, if not all, are ineffective. Many car owners will end up in the same place they started or with even worse damage that is harder to repair. The problem with many DIY methods is that they don’t utilize the right tools or methods needed to repair a dent without causing more damage. Also, it is often hard to see the results until after more damage has been done.

DIY Dent Repair To Try

DIY dent removal kits are an effective way to remove small dents on the surface. These kits will come with detailed directions and tools to get the job done. It is important however to follow the directions closely and take your time when removing the dent. DIY kits are also not suitable for large dents or even dents on certain areas of a car. These kits come with shaping tools that will help gentle correct a dent without causing it to pop out in the opposite direction. Although these kids can be effective, they don’t always work. It is important to follow the directions exactly and to perform the repair methodically for the best chance at successful DIY repair.

Hire a Pro or Have a Go?

No one likes to spend money on car repair especially when it seems like it is a small problem you can fix at home. Before rushing out to buy a dent repair kit, consider the size of the damage and the potential cost of repairs if the DIY method makes it worse. If the dent is small, it may be cost-effective to repair it on your own but larger dents should always be cared for by professionals.

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