How To Remove Snow Without Scratching The Paint Off Of Your Car?

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December 15, 2020
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How To Remove Snow Without Scratching The Paint Off Of Your Car?

remove snow without scratching paint

Snow days are great when you want to avoid going to school. However, when you actually have to go somewhere, it can become a real pain. When cold weather and snow leave your car covered in a layer of white powder, it may seem like a no-brainer to brush it off before getting on the road. While snow is generally easy to remove from your car, it is important to do it the right way or risk scratching your paint job. We have put together a simple guide on how to remove snow without scratching the paint and ruining the finish.

How To Remove Snow Without Scratching The Paint Off Of Your Car?

Why It Is Important To Get Rid of Snow From Your Vehicle

Removing snow from your windshield will allow you to see the road. Although, you may be wondering why to bother removing it from your car. Snow may have little effect on your driving, but it can be a hazard for other drivers. Chunks of snow can fly off your car and strike other vehicles. This can cause a distraction that may lead to accidents or worse. In most cities, you will get a moving violation fine if you drive your car without cleaning off the snow from the surface in advance.

Tips on How to Remove Snow While Avoiding Scratches

Anytime you brush over the surface of your car you run the risk of scratching your paint. This is why it is important to choose the right tools to clear the snow away, and also prep your car for snow before the winter weather rolls in. Dirty cars run a higher risk of suffering damage to the paint due to dirt, sand and salt from the roads. This debris can become highly abrasive when pressure is applied from layers of snow and a person agitating the surface during snow removal.

If you are a yard work type of guy or gal, you might have a leaf blower lying around. That’s right, a leaf blower. It is a great way to get rid of snow from the surface of the car without ever touching the paint. Keep in mind this won’t work for melted on or compacted snow, but it works wonders for fluffy snow no more than a foot deep.

Instead of using a scraper or hard bristle brush, start with a soft foam broom. Not only is this going to be more gentle on your paint, but it will also make your job much easier. If you are not in a rush to get anywhere and there is plenty of sun outside, let most of the snow melt before brushing the rest off with a light hand.

For those that don’t have a foam brush, you can also take your regular car brush and wrap a soft microfiber towel around it. This will keep the bristles from scratching your paint while getting rid of pesky snow from the surface at the same time. If possible, try to keep the snow brush from actually touching the surface. Aim for about a quarter-inch above the paint and use gentle strokes. Once you have most of the snow off of your car, the final thin layer can melt on its own.

Cleaning Snow Off Your Windshield

Preventing scratches on your finish when removing snow is the best way to maintain your vehicle’s aesthetics. However, it is important for your safety to avoid scratching or damaging your windshield when removing snow as well. Ice scrapers that are made specifically for car or truck windows are the best way to get rid of snow. More importantly, they remove snow from your car without scratches, pits, or chips to your glass.

Winter Snow Preparedness Tips

If you live in an area the often sees winter show, it is a good idea to park your car indoors. This can be in your own garage or even in a rental space which will prevent snow from piling up on the exterior. If you don’t have an indoor space to park your car, there are still ways to save your paint even in the middle of winter. Another easy tip is to apply a coat of high-quality polymer paint sealant or wax to your car just ahead of the regular winter snow season. This will ensure the surface remains slick and the snow falls off of your car just like butter.

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