How Are Car Dents Fixed?

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July 7, 2021
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How Are Car Dents Fixed?

Car Dents Fixed

It’s no secret that car dents can significantly decrease the aesthetic of your vehicle. If you’re concerned about the resale value of your car, you’ll want to get dents fixed as soon as possible. Now the question you may find yourself asking might be, should I DIY it or hire a professional? Let’s look into the different kinds of dents and how you can go about getting car dents fixed (either yourself or by a trusty pro).

How Are Car Dents Fixed?

DIY or Pro?

Luckily, car dents are typically a pretty quick and easy fix. The process usually lasts just a couple of hours and doesn’t require a high skill level. Some common causes of pesky dents include golf balls, hail, grocery cart fails, accidents, storms, and kids being kids. According to The Drive, Bozi Tatarevic (an automotive repair shop owner) states “you don’t need a pro for many dent repairs.

While a professional paintless dent repair service is recommended in many circumstances, most plastic dents can be popped out at home. In fact, ones in metal that are in easily reachable places can often be fixed with DIY kits.” He also goes on to say that “complex dents and creases are often best left to the professionals because it is often hard to remove dents and dings without pro-level tools as it is very easy to damage the metal further or even crack the paint.” With this advice in mind, you should be able to determine if you should fix car dents yourself, or hand it off to a pro. Let’s jump into the DIY method.

Do-It-Yourself Repair

To begin, you’ll need a list of tools and parts before getting started on this project. These include a heat gun, dent repair puller, microfiber towels, bridge puller dent repair kit, and compressed air. And last but not least, a garage! Your second step will be deciding what the dent is. Is it in plastic or metal? Is it small or large? Answer these questions and you’ll be well on your way to getting started.

Plastic Car Dents

Let’s start off with fixing smaller car dents in plastic. First, you’ll want to pull out your heat gun and get to blowin’ on your dent. Once it’s been warmed, shake the compressed air and flip it upside down. You’ll then want to spray the same area with cool air. And that’s all there is to it! The dent should be able to pop out. If not, you can use suction to pull it out. Do you have a larger dent in plastic? This may need to look a bit different. Again, you’ll want to heat the area and pull out your suction dent puller. You may need to do it more than once or use your hands.

Metal Car Dents

Got a small dent in metal? Wipe the area down with your towel and grab your glue gun from your repair kit. Apply about a tablespoon of glue to the deepest part of the dent and attach the bridge puller head. Allow it to dry and slowly turn the dial. The dent should pull out, you can detach the puller, and remove the leftover glue. Last but certainly not least, we have large dents in metal. With this process, you’ll be combining the suction dent puller and the bridge puller. Basically, you’ll be using all the steps mentioned above.

Hiring a Professional

First, a technician needs to clean and inspect the dent in order to perform a comprehensive assessment of the damage. The level of damage will determine the steps a technician will choose to take. Sometimes dents are too severe for technicians to fix, therefore, in some cases replacing panels can be the only option. If a technician concludes that a car dent can be fixed, they then need to decide what method of dent removal is required.

Dents that can be repaired without retouching the car’s paint are fixed using paintless repair. These are small dings that don’t disturb the vehicle’s current coat of paint and the method of repair will also keep the paint intact.

Conventional dent repair is used for larger dents caused by significant collisions and impact. The dented part will need a retouched or new coat of paint, which a professional auto body shop can match seamlessly.

Why Professional Dent Repair is the Best Option

If your car has incurred a dent, you may think you can attempt an at-home fix. There are indeed do-it-yourself dent repair kits on the market, and several drivers will take a chance on them in an attempt to save money or time. In fact, having your car dents fixed by an experienced, professional technician is a far smarter option for several reasons.

Guaranteed Results

With an at-home repair kit, you don’t get the same peace of mind as with an auto body repair shop. A reputable shop will provide a warranty on the repairs, so you can feel assured they were done correctly and will last. Expert technicians have access to all necessary tools as well as a vast knowledge of how to properly fix a variety of different damages. They can also perfectly match the new coat of paint to the paint on your car, something most people don’t have the capability to do.


Even if you’ve tinkered with cars in the past, that does not mean you have the thorough training most auto body techs do. Without a comprehensive understanding of car repair, you run the risk of injuries and health hazards if you decide to do it yourself. It’s best to leave vehicle repair to professionals in order to avoid hurting yourself due to improper methods of at-home repair.

Avoid Further Damages

Though dents usually come from small fender benders, these incidents can actually cause more damage to your vehicle than you realize. Without proper training and certification, you are unable to identify unseen internal damages like structure problems, engine issues, and more. If you are unaware of internal problems, you will be driving a car that could end up with exacerbated damages that require costly and lengthy repairs. Not only is this hazardous to your safety, but it’s also a strain on your wallet.

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