What the…Hail?

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February 26, 2013
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What the…Hail?

What the…Hail? | Hail Damage Car Repair Omaha

We’ve all heard that sound at one time or another. Maybe to you it sounds like a plink or a plop, but either way you slice it, you know it’s hail and you know the damage it can do to your vehicle.

The Weather Channel describes hail as, “precipitation in the form of a chunk of ice that can fall from a cumulonimbus cloud.”

The Great Plains states get more hail every year than the rest of the country. The top three states for hail?

  • Colorado
  • Wyoming and

In honor of our proud heritage and climatological uniqueness, here are five facts about hail:

  1. When ice pellets collide with water droplets, hail is formed.
  2. NOAA’s website says the largest hailstone ever recorded was discovered in Vivian, South Dakota in 2010. It was 8 inches in diameter, 18.625 inches in circumference, and weighed nearly two pounds. The previous record holder was found in Aurora, Nebraska.
  3. The United States may have less hail injuries than other countries because we spend more time indoors.
  4. Hail can occur in many shapes from golf ball and softball shaped to spiky or diamond shaped.
  5. According to NOAA, the peak months for hail activity are usually March through June.

Because hail can cause so much damage to a car so quickly, it’s important to know where to go if your car is affected. Great Plains Auto Body, hail damage car repair Omaha & Council Bluffs, can provide you with fast and effective service through its paintless dent repair.

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