Three Steps for Dealing with Traffic Stress

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July 7, 2016
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Three Steps for Dealing with Traffic Stress

morguefileOmaha doesn’t deal with heavy traffic comparable to places like Los Angeles or Washington, D.C. But there are certain intersections, like 90th and Dodge, where you can twist your steering wheel into a pretzel over the rush hour congestion.

The key to handling traffic stress? Don’t let your frustration become rage. Here are three easy techniques to help control driver’s anger.

  1. Breathe deeply

Although deep breathing may seem a simplistic solution for aggravation, it’s effective. Even in the most frustrating circumstances, a big, deep breath can ease your stress.

Make it a BIG breath, the kind that fills your lungs and reminds you of yoga class. If need be, take more than one to help you stay calm.

  1. Leave earlier

 A fear of being late, which often sparks stress, is increased by traffic’s unpredictability. You can’t know if a crash will happen up the street or whether a ticketed driver makes rubber-necking drivers slow way down. But if you leave earlier and have plenty of time to get there, such inconveniences won’t make you nearly as upset.

  1. Make driving enjoyable

 Perhaps driving is the only time you can listen to your favorite music at high volume or indulge in an audio book by your favorite author. Maybe driving is your only chance to enjoy a blended coffee drink your spouse would otherwise insist on sharing.

As long as such indulgences don’t make you a distracted driver, revel in them. If you enjoy being in your car, you’re less likely to resent the traffic that keeps you there.

Remember, we’re in this together when it comes to traffic congestion. So let’s all stay calm and enjoy the ride.

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