Road Trip Safety Tips

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June 12, 2017
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Road Trip Safety Tips

Road Trip SafetySchool’s out for the summer.

For many families, it’s time to pack up the car and head out on road trips.

Whether you take a quick weekend trip or an epic road trip that would make Clark W. Griswold jealous, it’s important to think ahead to assure the safest trip possible.

Here are a few road trip safety tips

Maintenance matters

A quick look-over of your vehicle by a qualified technician before you leave on your trip is a great idea.

An oil change and filter inspection are simply common sense. Let the technician know you’re about to set off on a road trip. That way, if anything else needs to be done beforehand, there’s time to have it finished before you set off.

A trained technician can tell you if there’s something else that needs attention soon. It’s far better to know now than find out while you’re on the road.

Tires should be in good working order. Make sure your spare is there and functional. Get your car washed before and after the road trip to ensure your windshield, mirrors and headlights are as clean as possible.

Load up on supplies

Food and water should be easily accessible in your car, as should first aid supplies. If you plan to stop to view sights along the way, sunscreen and bug spray are good ideas.

Since GPS can falter in less-populated areas, physical maps can be a lifesaver. Have a charger for your cell phone and, if you travel alone, tell your route plans to someone before you leave.

Surroundings awareness

Driving for hours can wear you out. It’s important to stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings when you do stop. Though you may want to stretch your legs, don’t wander from the rest of your group at rest stops.

Always check your surroundings before you leave or return to your car.

Get ample rest and don’t drive drowsy. Enjoy your trip and stay safe on the road. For any other questions, please contact us.