Summer Air Conditioning Car Tips

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July 6, 2017
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Summer Air Conditioning Car Tips

Summer Air Conditioning Car TipsAs the temperatures climb during these summer months, most drivers find themselves extremely grateful for the wonders of air conditioning.

So to assure your vehicle’s air conditioning runs at optimum levels is a high priority for anyone who spends much time in their cars in hot weather.

Summer Air Conditioning Car Tips

Greenhouse Effect

A/C Pros notes a car without air conditioning is basically a greenhouse on wheels. That’s why it feels so much hotter than outside of the car.

A/C Pros also say a car parked for an hour can easily reach an interior temperature 43 degrees or higher than outside the car.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your air conditioning working at its best – to cool the car down and keep it that way for a comfortable ride.

Crack your windows

Windows left open only intensify the greenhouse-like reaction. Air conditioning works better when it has a cooler interior to start with. Experts suggest you open the windows all the way when you first rung the air conditioning to cool things faster by blowing the hot air out of your vehicle.

Blow hot air out

Turn the air conditioning to full blast at first, which will blow the hot air out the open windows and allow the air conditioning to cool more quickly. Once the temperature feels right, gear back the air conditioner’s fan.

Clean filters mean clean air

The air you breathe in your car comes through a filter. If that filter is filthy, what you breathe may be unhealthy, particularly if you have asthma or allergies. Regular filter changes are important, not just for the health of your air conditioning, but your own health, too.

Maintenance matters

Your air conditioning needs regular inspections, just like the rest of your car. But if you notice its performance dwindling, have it serviced quickly.

Faulty air conditioning isn’t a problem you want in the heat of summer, and it’s usually something that can be fixed relatively quickly. Give us a call for any questions.