Most Common Car Crash Causes

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November 13, 2019
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Most Common Car Crash Causes

most common car crash causes

Car crashes are one of the most common means of injuries and fatalities in the United States, and thousands of preventable car accidents happen on the road every year. Most of them are considered preventable due to the fact that the cause for the crash or accident could have been fixed before the driver even got in the vehicle.

If you want to be safer on the roads, you should know what some of the most common car crash causes are and what you can do to steer clear.

Most Common Car Crash Causes

Distraction Most Common Car Crash Causes

Distraction is one of the single most dangerous things for anyone behind the wheel: If you aren’t focused enough on the task at hand, an accident or crash becomes a much more likely event and you’re putting everyone around you on the road at risk.

There are a huge amount of potential things that can distract you from the road. Calling or texting when behind the wheel is an obvious danger, but so are animals who run over your path crossing the road or noisy passengers. Any kind of distraction is dangerous to a driver and might cause a potential accident. Learn how to respond to the distractions you can’t control – and take control of the rest.


Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol are common and it’s the cause of a large chunk of yearly accidents. Never get behind the wheel of a car if you aren’t entirely sober, and never get in as a passenger if you have any doubts about the driver. Also remember that even if you are a perfectly competent and sober driver, it’s likely that there are other drivers on the road who aren’t. Learn how to respond to emergency situations like this on the road.


Vehicles should be serviced on a regular basis at least once every few months or season change. If you don’t, you’re putting yourself, your passengers and other drivers on the road at risk. Have your vehicle checked out on a regular rolling schedule to make sure everything is in the condition it should be and don’t make the mistake of thinking your car only needs a service when there’s something wrong. 


There’s good reason why the driver’s ed test includes an eye exam. In order to be a safe enough driver, you need to be able to see well – and if you can’t, getting behind the wheel is a huge potential risk for you and other drivers.

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