How to Prepare Your Car for a Top Dollar Sale

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January 5, 2016
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How to Prepare Your Car for a Top Dollar Sale

Clean car windowWhen the time comes to sell your car, it’s not a good idea just to slap a “For Sale” sign on it or trade it in as-is. Prepare your car for sale to get top dollar.

Prepare Your Car for Sale

Take some cues from car dealerships when you decide to sell.

A full detail is essential for success

Think about how vehicles look when they’re on your local car lots. They’re shiny, clean and dent-free. You don’t find long scratches, obvious nicks or snapped antennas there.

The more attractive the car looks, the more the dealership can charge. That’s true for you, too. If you want to get top dollar, sell it to an individual buyer instead of trading it in.

A full detail of your car’s interior and exterior of is essential. A full detail makes your car look more attractive. The process of detailing a car goes beyond a quick scrub. Instead, it erases years of use and abuse.

You can pay a professional like Great Plains Auto Body to do this. Or you can tackle it on your own if you can spare a few hours and lots of patience.

Getting rid of the dents, dings and scratches usually pays off, because you’ll get more for a “clean” vehicle than for one riddled with dings.

Set an appropriate price

Before you price your car, do some research. Make sure you know how much it’s actually worth.

And remember, the value of your car has nothing to do with how much you may still owe on your loan.

Use a credible source like the Kelley Blue Book to estimate its value. Any dealer or savvy buyer will do the exact same thing before they buy it.

The National Consumers League cautions buyers and sellers not to fall prey to common car buying and selling scams, particularly when selling a vehicle online

If a buyer’s offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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