Great Plains Auto Body Discusses Paint-less Dent Repair

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February 14, 2013
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February 26, 2013
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Great Plains Auto Body Discusses Paint-less Dent Repair

Today we want to discuss with you why Paint-less Dent Removal is now the preferred choice for Dent Repair.  It’s probably safe to say that when we need dent repair, the three core considerations are minimizing cost, maintaining resale value of the vehicle (going forward) and getting the car back quickly. With paint-less dent repair you can have all three, which now positions that procedure as the preferred technique over more traditional methods of sanding, adding body filler and repainting. So if you’re contemplating paint-less versus traditional methods of dent repair, saving time and money are significant pluses.

What If Your Vehicle Has Already Had Traditional Body Work?

First, with traditional methods of dent repair, corrections are normally more detectable to the naked eye. Altering the original exterior on car panels (with body filler and new paint) subtracts from the vehicle’s overall resale value, and this is true whether you can see the repair or not. If you’re concerned with resale value, the addition of body filler and new paint makes your vehicle worth less down the road. In order to ensure your vehicle is worth more at the time for trade-in (or if you decide to sell it), the expertise of the technician performing the paint-less dent repair is important too. They use gentle techniques with tools specifically designed to remove dents, which makes your vehicle worth more whenever you decide it’s time to sell or trade it in.

Paint-less Dent Removal Is Also Eco-Friendly

Traditional Repair Shops in Omaha rely on eco-unfriendly materials like base coats, body fillers, clear coats and other chemicals (like paint thinners), which are environmentally hazardous. However, paint-less dent removal techniques essentially repair dents by massaging your car metal panels, returning them to their original shape. Eco-friendly techniques prevent environmentally hazardous materials from being released into the atmosphere or dumped into landfills.

Are Keeping Costs Down Important to You?

It seems pretty simple on the surface that if you don’t use body fillers or need to repaint your vehicle, your costs will be lower with paint-less dent removal than if you’re paying a technician to perform dent repair the traditional way. Any process that’s labor intensive is going to significantly increase your costs. Add the costs of the materials and you wind up paying 50% more, on average, by going the traditional route.

Would You Maybe Like To Get Your Vehicle Back The Same Day? Would it be convenient if a paint-less dent repair service were available to get your vehicle back on the street within hours versus days, and with little to no inconvenience? Quite often, traditional methods of dent repair involve leaving your vehicle in the shop for up to several days. At Great Plains Auto Body we do everything we can to provide you with a quickest turnaround time! Should your car require an extended stay we have a rental car company conveniently on-site.

It’s Become Easier Than Ever To Get Your Dents Removed

For all of the reasons we outlined above, there’s no question that paint-less dent repair is currently the preferred procedure to safely and effectively remove dents. Paint-less dent repair is eco-friendly, saves time, saves money and most repairs look picture perfect.

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