Driving in Wind

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November 30, 2021
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December 29, 2021
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Driving in Wind

Driving in Wind

Today is the day to be cautious on the roads with the potential for high or gusting winds. Whether you’re driving a pickup, SUV, RV, van, or bus, towing, hauling, or you’re traveling on a multilane road with lots of large vehicles, stay safe and exercise caution. The taller and broader the vehicle, the more surface area for the wind to shove against. When driving in the wind, a strong gust can force a truck or trailer suddenly into another lane or cause a rollover without little time to react.

Driving in Wind

Strong Wind Driving Tips:

  • Properly inflate the tires of your vehicle for the best traction.
  • SLOW DOWN…Leave more time.
  • If blowing dust or rain are factors, turn on your headlights to improve visibility.
  • Keep a firm grip and two hands on the steering wheel at all times.
  • Compensate by steering slightly against a consistent side wind.
  • Don’t overcorrect if you get blown off course by a short gust.
  • Make steering corrections when driving from areas protected from wind to open areas. Be extra vigilant on bridges, overpasses, and open straightaways (a straight section of a road,) where wind can spike.
  • Prepare for unpredictable gusts when driving through underpasses, road cuts between hills and tunnels.
  • Watch for debris in the road. Flying debris off garbage trucks or other large hauling vehicles can come fast and be unexpected.
  • High winds have can topple structures like trees and power lines. Keep your eyes peeled for falling debris. If you come across a downed power line, call 911 and seek an alternate route.
  • Give other high-profile vehicles, like semis, a lot of room.
  • Once you’re at your destination, park away from trees and power lines.

If you don’t feel safe, pull over someplace secure. If winds are severe enough to prevent safe driving, get onto the shoulder of the road and stop, making sure you are away from trees or other tall objects that could fall onto your vehicle. Stay in the car and turn on the hazard lights until the wind subsides.

If you are in doubt call Mike at our Midtown Location, 402-551-6000. He can have our team inspect and advise you on proper vehicle safety.

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