Doh, a deer!

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Doh, a deer!

In 2011, Iowa ranked second among states where an individual driver was most likely to run in to a deer, while Nebraska ranked 11th according to State Farm Insurance.

The most dangerous time of year for drivers appears to be October through December, when deer are going through their mating season and are less aware of traffic and roadways.

“The average cost of a deer-related crash was $3,171 per incident, which was up 2.2% from the year before,” reports State Farm Insurance.

Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings and keep a lookout for deer but motorists need to be extra vigilant during dawn and dusk as that’s the time deer are most active.

In a WCFCourier article, deer biologist Tom Litchfield, says Iowa’s corn crops make good cover for deer, and as the harvest thins out those fields the animals scatter.” Litchfield says that means deer will cross the highways more often.

So what can you do to avoid a collision with a deer? has the following suggestions:

  1. Brake firmly when a deer is in your path. Do not swerve because this can confuse the deer. It may not know where to run.
  2. Deer rarely run alone, so if you see one, keep an eye out for others.
  3. Always wear a seatbelt.
  4. Slow your speed and give your horn a long tap to scare the deer off.
  5. Pay close attention to deer warning signs.

Should you get into a collision with a deer, call Great Plains Auto Body and set up your appointment, 402.334.7100. We are here to help you!


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