October 27, 2014

On the Road with Snow and Ice

Winter driving is a fact of life in the Midwest. Frustrations can easily mount during winter driving. Not only do sloppy conditions mean more dangerous […]
October 20, 2014

Tire Shopping Trip

You’re a cautious driver, you pay your insurance premiums and maintain your vehicle like a champ. You found a mechanic you can trust and shrewdly […]
October 13, 2014

All Season vs. Snow

That slight chill in the air has you thinking about it. Everyone is talking about it. It’s coming, and you can’t avoid it – unless […]
October 6, 2014

Deer Season Driving

Fall is a wonderful time to hit the great American highways – the sun is bright, the weather is mild and the trees become a […]
September 29, 2014

Be Tire Aware

Your four tires are the only part of your car that touches the road. Many auto experts claim tires are the most important safety feature […]
September 22, 2014

Signs of Tires’ Time

Your car’s tires are one of the primary components of safe driving. Catastrophic accidents can result from blowouts or the inability to stop, which themselves […]
September 15, 2014

Protect Your Benz

Whether you make a good living, or just saved all your pennies and dreamed, your decision to buy a  Mercedes-Benz has changed your life. A […]
September 8, 2014

Back to the Grind

Most Omaha area schools are back in session. If you enjoyed the school bus-free roads for the last few months, you may have had some […]
September 1, 2014

Year of the Recall

Against all odds, American automaker General Motors recovered from its Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009. Reorganized – and, some would argue, revitalized – GM forged […]
August 25, 2014

Keep Your Most Precious Cargo Safe

Items designed to keep your kids safe can also cause some frustration. Just ask anyone who’s struggled to open a child-proof pill bottle or fumbled […]
August 18, 2014

The Future Is Now

The year is 1984 and you just told a fellow American that domestic automobile giant General Motors will go bankrupt. You get laughed out of […]
August 11, 2014

Bad Habits … of Other Drivers

The open road can be a thing of great American wonder. It has inspired explorers and poets alike. The problem these days can be finding […]