Meet Crystal, Customer Service Representative for Great Plains Auto Body

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Meet Crystal, Customer Service Representative for Great Plains Auto Body

Meet Crystal, Customer Service Representative for Great Plains Auto Body

Providing quality customer service is a cornerstone of business here at Great Plains Auto Body. Our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are an essential part of that process.

Today, we’re sitting down with Crystal, CSR at our Grover street location, to talk about what Great Plains CSRs do, how she got here, and what you can expect when working with Great Plains Auto Body. Have a look below:

Meet Crystal, Customer Service Representative for Great Plains Auto Body

Hi, Crystal. To start: what exactly do you do as a CSR? 

Essentially, I’m the face of Great Plains throughout the whole time a customer is getting their car repaired. 

When a customer comes in, I’m the one they talk to. I get a sense of what the damage is, what their concerns are, and what’s most important to them about their repairs. I always strive to listen to the customer and understand exactly what their expectations are. 

Once we’ve made that introduction, I’ll go over the damage, concerns, and expectations with an estimator. That officially kicks off the repair process. At that point, I’ll go over the repair estimate with the customer. If it’s a larger repair job, I’ll walk the customer through the repairs—I’ll explain the process, and what we’re going to be doing to the vehicle.

The day before the repair appointment, I’ll give the customer a courtesy call to make sure they remember the appointment and to let them know to take everything out of their car before bringing it in. When it comes time to drop off their vehicle, all they have to do is hand their keys in. Most mornings, a customer will be in and out of the shop in less than five minutes. 

Throughout the repair process when the vehicle is in the shop, I’ll help keep customers updated on what’s going on. At any one time I’m responsible for keeping track of around 50 to 100 cars. The good news is that I’m a single point of contact. Customers will always know what to expect if they call in for an update.

I do some other things as well, like helping customers set up claims, helping customers get a rental car, and making follow-up calls to schedule appointments. I spend most of my time in direct contact with customers making sure they have everything they need, and making sure they know what’s going on with their vehicle. 

What’s your background? How did you end up here at Great Plains?

I’ve been in the industry now for around 16 years.

I’ve always been very detail-oriented. My time in the industry kicked off when I was working for a gas station. I had a regular customer who got the same thing every day. I got into the habit of getting her purchase together when I would see her coming in.

She took notice of this, and one day, she asked me if I’d ever thought about doing anything else. I didn’t have a lot of experience elsewhere, but she asked me to get her a resume. I did that, and next thing I knew, I was working at an insurance company in the claims department within their auto unit. I handled all the auto inspections for 10 states while I was there. 

From that position I moved on to be a receptionist at a local body shop. As I mentioned, I’ve always been detail-oriented, so one day I just asked if they would let me work as an estimator. After a bit of on-the-job training, I became an estimator there and was actually in that position at that body shop from 2009-2014.

I decided to make a big shake-up in 2014. I wanted to do something new. I forgot to mention—I’d been in Kentucky for all of those positions I just mentioned. I decided to move to Omaha and found Great Plains by reading online reviews. A few phone calls, interviews, and a trip out to Omaha later, and I was hitting the ground running as an estimator for Great Plains.

Which brings me to today. A few months ago, the team asked me if I would be interesting in taking over as CSR. In this role, I get to combine all my previous experience as an estimator and in the auto industry, and also work with customers every day. There’s never a dull moment and I love my job today.

You have a lot of experience in the auto (and auto body repair) industry. What impresses you most about Great Plains?

I definitely most appreciate the team’s ability to get stuff done—and get it done well. 

Our team is extremely efficient. But when we’re working on repairs, not only do we put Great Plains’ name on it, we actually personally put our names on every job that goes out the door. Everyone takes pride in their work and to me it’s an honor to be able to do that.

Having worked at other shops I can tell you that’s not the case everywhere. We don’t waste any time, we care deeply about the customer, and we’re all personally invested in the work. That’s something you don’t get everywhere and I really love that about working here.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

Just one more thing. In general, we’re a lot like a family here at Great Plains.  

Actually, in some cases we spend more time with each other than we do with our actual families. That really shows. Everyone here cares about each other and like I mentioned just a minute ago, we all take pride in our work. I think that has a lot of value and I think our customers see it, too.