How Auto Frame Repair Works

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January 14, 2020
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How Auto Frame Repair Works


Auto Frame Repair

Auto frame repair is a common vehicle service that you might require if the body of your car has sustained any significant damage. This might be due to serious weather damage or could be due to an accident – but frame repair is the service you’re going to need if the damage is to the frame of the vehicle instead of just a few cosmetic bumps that can be fixed in a few minutes.

If you’re a first-time vehicle owner or you’ve never seen this kind of damage to your car, it’s likely that you have questions about it. When do you really need auto frame repair? When is the car too far gone? How can you go about booking your car in for auto frame repair in the first place and how do you know that your vehicle mechanic isn’t lying to you about the repairs?

How Auto Frame Repair Works

Here’s everything you should know about auto frame repair.

Auto Frame Repair: Do I Need It?

The first thing most vehicle owners miss about auto frame repair is when they might be in need of it. You need auto frame repair for any damage that’s worse than cosmetic and deeper than paint. Anything that a panel beating doesn’t fix might require auto frame repair – and this type of damage doesn’t just come from accidents, but can also happen because of serious weather like a hailstorm.

How Auto Frame Repair Works: The Steps

So, how do you get to auto frame repair once you realize that your car is in need of it? Here are the basic steps…

  • Vehicle Towing, Moving or Transporting

First, you have to get your car to the end destination. This can involve just driving it to the destination, but it can also involve the need to tow if in the event that your car has sustained more serious damage that has affected its ability to drive or start up

  • Vehicle Assessment Phase and Quotation

Once you’re at the shop, the technicians take over: First, they’ll see how bad the damage is – and then usually it proceeds to an official quotation for what fixing the damage might cost. Be sure to ask how long it’s going to take beforehand, too, and make sure that you’re asked before they do any unauthorized repairs.

  • Vehicle Book-In

The next step is to book in your vehicle in the same way you’d book yourself into hospital. This might take a few hours to days depending on the damage and the size and capacity of the auto shop. Make sure you’re choosing a reputable one: Reputation speaks volumes about someone when it comes to choosing an auto repair shop – and anywhere you might pick up a whiff of dishonesty about your choice of auto shop, switch to another before it costs you more than it’s worth.

  • Vehicle Return

Assuming you chose a reputable auto shop, your vehicle should be returned to you soon (usually, in the time you agreed to at the beginning of the “contract” between you and the auto shop) with completed repairs – and in most cases of serious body or frame repair work, even a new paint job to go along with it.

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