Auto Body Collision FAQs

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Auto Body Collision FAQs

auto body collision FAQs

It is normal to have questions about things you’re unsure about or have not been introduced to. This auto body collision FAQs aims to answer a few of the more common questions about collision repair services performed by Great Plains Auto Body in Omaha & Council Bluffs.

Auto Body Collision FAQs

Do I Have The Right To Select The Shop That Will Repair My Vehicle?

  • Yes. While insurance companies have preferred locations, you can take your car anywhere you would like to have the repair to be completed.  Insurance companies have select Body Shop partners they call Direct Repair Partners (DRPs). Insurance companies can suggest these shops, but ultimately it is your choice.  However, make sure the shop you choose has their own warranty to cover the repair work.

Why Can’t I Get An Estimate Over The Phone?

  • To give you a quality estimate, a visual inspection of the vehicle is needed. When the vehicle is in a shop, estimators can crawl under, look closer and “feel” the damage on the metal.  Ultimately, any estimate can fluctuate once tear down begins, but working with a reputable body shop will mean they work directly with your insurance company to make the fluctuation seamless for the client.

Do I Have To Pay a Deductible?

  • Deductibles are worked through you and your insurance company when you sign your insurance policy.  Every policy is different for each individual situation.

Who Do I Pay My Deductible To?

  • Deductibles are normally paid directly to the collision center.

If My Vehicle Frame Is Damaged Is It a Total Loss?

  • This depends on the amount of damage done to the frame, year of the car and discussions with your insurance company.

Can You Match The Paint Color On My Vehicle?

  • You would be amazed at how many varieties of white exist in the world of cars!  Plus, the version of white can differ with each make and model of a car.  We can match them.  However, if the vehicle has been to an off-market painter, this makes color matching very difficult.  We can make and match much better with technology not all shops have access to.  Make sure to consult with a dealership if you have any concerns before taking your vehicle in for paint.

How Can I Get a Rental Car?

  • Rental Cars can be given IF YOU HAVE THE OPTION IN YOUR POLICY!  Always confirm with your insurance company if you have car rental on your policy.  DO NOT ASSUME A FULL COVERAGE POLICY INCLUDES RENTAL CAR COVERAGE!  Always ask your agent.  If you have coverage, car rentals will be set up for you and billed to the insurance company.  If you do not have coverage, the rental will still be set up for you but payment will be needed from you.  All you ever need to do is say, “I need a rental!”

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