Are Your Windshield Wipers Ready for the Spring Rain?

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April 9, 2021
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Are Your Windshield Wipers Ready for the Spring Rain?

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“Swish, Swish…putter…screech”… Springtime brings rain, and windshield wipers must come back to life. Do not wait till you are in the rainstorm without good blades. Do a little precheck!!

Are your windshield wipers ready for the Spring Rain?

Your windshield wipers have a small but critical job. In fact, it is one of the most important ones. Without your wipers, you would not be able to see and stay safe on the road. Despite that, many vehicle owners overlook their maintenance. Wipers need to be replaced often; every 6 months to a year, depending on how much you drive, and how harsh the weather has been.

Top 5 signs you should replace your windshield wipers

Cracked or Crumbling Rubber on The Blades

Exposure to the elements and UV rays can damage the rubber on your wipers. If the rubber is cracking or looks brittle, it will not make proper contact with the windshield. This means performance will be affected – and you will not be able to see clearly.

Leaving Streaks on Your Windshield

Streaks are a sign your windshield wipers should be replaced. A little bit of streaking is normal; if you notice a layer of grime, dirt, or even water on your windshield after you spray windshield wiper fluid, your wipers may need to be replaced. Your wipers could be dirty and need to be wiped down with a cloth. However, it is more likely the rubber is failing, and not contacting your windshield.

Hearing Too Much Squeaking And “Chattering”

If you are hearing dragging and squeaking from your wipers when they are pulled across the glass, it is probably time to replace them. Again, a bit of squeaking is normal, but “chattering” means plastic is being dragged across the glass, and the rubber is not contacting it properly.

Frame of The Blade Is Bent or Damaged

If your windshield will not get clean, look at the frame of the blade; the rigid plastic and metal keeping the blade in place. Wiper frames can be damaged easily. This is especially common when scraping ice and snow off your car in the winter…. damaging them for the Spring. You can jam into your wiper blade while scraping snow and bend it resulting in poor performance on the road.

Rubber Adhesive and Blades are not Making Consistent Contact with Your Windshield

Another common issue is the rubber adhesive holding the blade on the frame can fail. This could result in poor overall performance and contact with the windshield. The rubber blade will “flop” around because it is only partially held onto the blade frame.

This is noticeable around the edges of your blade; this is where the rubber adhesive tends to fail first. While you may be able to glue the rubber back into place, this is usually a sign it is best to replace your windshield wipers completely.

Think you need new wipers? Come let us look! Do not let a faulty pair of wipers put you in a dangerous situation. Stop by Great Plains Auto Body & Car Care, 4103 Leavenworth Street, be prepared for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw your way!
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For more wet weather driving safety reminders, check out AAA here.

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