Top Questions to Ask an Omaha Auto Repair Shop

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April 29, 2019
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Top Questions to Ask an Omaha Auto Repair Shop

Top Questions to Ask an Omaha Auto Repair Shop

An auto repair shop is a place that you’ll need to visit at least once for serious repairs during the life of your car. If you want to make sure your car stays in good condition, you’ll visit one several times. From oil changes to rotating the tires, at least twice a year, you’ll get your car serviced. Average vehicle owners aren’t experts when it comes to maintenance and repairs for their cars. Many people worry they might be getting screwed. The best way to avoid Omaha auto repair shops taking advantage of you is to know which questions you should ask before you book your car for a service.

Top Questions to Ask an Omaha Auto Repair Shop

Here are some of the top questions to ask an Omaha auto repair shop to make sure they can take proper care of your vehicle.

Can you show me your certification and registration, please?

Make sure that the first thing you ask an auto repair shop for is their certification info. Also, double-check this documentation to make sure both the business and their employees are licensed for auto repair. If they aren’t, they can do more harm than good. You might even run into issues with your insurance company.

What is the estimated cost at an Omaha auto repair shop?

Be sure to ask them for a written estimated cost before you book your vehicle in for repairs. In addition, make sure that they’re clear that no repairs are to be completed without sending you an approximated cost. If you don’t, then many repair shops will just proceed with unnecessary, expensive repairs and hold your car until you’ve paid.

Are there any extra costs at an Omaha auto repair shop?

Ask your auto repair shop if there are any extra costs (such as parts and labor) involved in their quoted price. If you don’t, some auto repair shops will sneak in more hidden costs that you only spot on the final invoice. That can lead to a real legal mess trying to get your car back.

How long will this take?

Make sure to ask how long the stated repair will take, at least more or less, and ensure that you have their answer on record. If you don’t, then a repair shop can keep you waiting around forever – and hold on to your car for days, weeks or months at a time until it becomes a legal issue.

Can I Get An Itemized Invoice?

Always ask your auto repair shop for an itemized invoice once the work has been done. This way, you can see exactly what was done to your car while you weren’t around and exactly what this has cost. If you don’t ask for this, they can often load up ghost-costs that just inflate the eventual total without really having done anything, and you’ll pay extra for nothing.

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