Winter Driving Tip by Emmet Street GPAB

Omaha Driving Tip for Winter by Emmet Street GPAB
November 14, 2012
Winter Vehicle Preparations for Ice and Snow
November 20, 2012
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Winter Driving Tip by Emmet Street GPAB

As mentioned earlier this week in our Great Plains Auto Body winter article, winter road conditions can be a force to be reckon with. With the slick roads and unpredictable road conditions, being aware of your environment is required to ensure your safety while driving. It is extremely important you are giving the roads your up utmost attention while driving. The text message or call can wait until you get home! Winter season typically results in even the best drivers having challenges judging the safety of others when snow or ice is on the roads. In several scenarios, the climate condition is NOT the cause the accident. It’s typically the other drivers and in most cases it is a younger driver. Below, our team, Great Plains Auto Body (Emmet Street) has provided the second of 10 Winter Driving Tips for driving safely in winter like conditions.

#2 Leave Technologies Alone!

While the ban of texting while driving, has become popular, several drivers still face a level of distraction from all the other areas of interest such as the radio, phones and passengers conversations. Distracted driving is a common problem within all 50 states and several cities such as Omaha and Council Bluffs have shown their support against texting while driving by participating in the ‘ban of texting while driving’. Unfortunately texting or accepting a phone call while driving is not the only danger. When snow or icy condition are added into the mix distracted driving crashes will happen and the damage will be more be severe. Most winter accidents can be prevented by exercising proper safety procedures and techniques such as, looking ahead while driving, leaving cell phones out of reach and driving without the radio playing.

Your vehicle may be equipped with the bells and whistles of all-wheel drive, electronic stability control and anti-lock brakes, but no technology can guarantee your safety on icy roads. Safety in your car is designed to enhance safe driving, not compensate for a lack of concentration. When driving in winter-like conditions, we recommend all attention to be focused on the road. Distractions while driving can lead to a severe collision that can lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

Conclusion: Contact Omaha Collision Repair Facility

Want more detailed information? Great Plains Auto Body is an independent, family owned and operated, collision repair facility providing auto body repair, frame repair, painting touch up and repair services for all makes and models of import and domestic cars. There are three locations; Omaha Metro (Grover St and Emmet Street) and Council Bluffs, IA that provide Enterprise rental cars while your repairs are completed.

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