OEM Car Parts Vs. Aftermarket

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OEM Car Parts Vs. Aftermarket

OEM vs Aftermarket Car Parts | Great Plains Auto Body Shop Omaha & Council Bluffs, IA Collision Repair Services

When you’ve been in a car accident, getting your car back into the condition it was in, is one of your top priorities. You don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to do it. But, when your auto body collision repair shop in Omaha asks if you want factory OEM car parts vs. aftermarket car parts, you might not know the difference to answer that question.

Insurance companies often push for aftermarket parts, which can cost half as much. Vehicle owners, on the other hand, are more concerned with safety and high quality parts, and may push for original equipment manufacturer parts. Just over half of states require auto body repair shops in Omaha to disclose to the vehicle owner when the parts are non-OEM, but is one better than the other?

OEM Car Parts Vs. Aftermarket Car Parts Auto Body Collision Repairs Shops Omaha & Council Bluffs, IA

Typically, a dealer’s shop will work with original equipment manufacturer OEM parts, and an independent shop will work with aftermarket parts. The difference is that OEM parts are made by and for the manufacturer of a vehicle, and aftermarket parts are similar, but not made by the manufacturer of a vehicle.

If you know a lot about your own car and its parts, then you may be ready to dive into aftermarket parts. If you don’t know much about the parts in your car, OEM is a safer choice. But it all depends on what you want.

Aftermarket Car Parts

An aftermarket part is any part for a vehicle that is not sourced from the car’s maker. If the parts are direct replacement parts, they will not void your car’s warranty. A number of companies make parts designed to function the same, or in some cases even better than the original.


  • Lower cost – these parts are usually less costly than OEM parts, depending on brand.
  • Potentially better quality – these parts might function equal to or better than OEM.
  • Variety – more variety of parts mean more functionality, and a range of prices.


  • Potentially worse quality – these parts also might not function as well as OEM parts.
  • Extra selection – the increased variety might be overwhelming, and increases your risk.
  • No warranty – some of these parts are sold without a warranty, depending on price.

OEM vs aftermarket Car Parts

As the name suggests, OEM parts are made by the manufacturer. They are exactly the same as the parts that your vehicle was built with. There are pros and cons to using OEM parts.


  • Easy and simple to choose – unlike aftermarket parts, they will usually come in one type.
  • Quality guaranteed – these parts will be designed to function exactly like the original part.
  • Warranty – most dealerships and automakers offer warranties for their parts.


  • Higher cost – compared to aftermarket parts, these parts will cost considerably more.
  • Limited availability – these parts are purchased through an automaker or select suppliers.

Should I Ever Request OEM Car Parts at Auto Body Shops in Omaha or Council Bluffs?

When having bodywork done after a collision repair shop in Omaha, OEM parts are highly recommended. An exact fit and proper crumple zones are essential for crash safety. Likewise, if you lease your vehicle, you may need to request OEM parts to avoid losing your security deposit. Check with your leasing agent for details.

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