More Drivers = More Accidents

March 23, 2014
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April 14, 2014
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More Drivers = More Accidents

It’s such an exciting time in a person’s life when they get ready to take that all-important driving test for the first time.

A driver’s license represents more than just state-approved permission to operate a vehicle. For many individuals, a driver’s license equals more freedom.

But, with greater privilege comes greater responsibility and there are those who kind of forget that part.

More Drivers = More Accidents

The crucial first month

A study published in Science Direct indicates new teen drivers are more likely to have an accident within the first month of obtaining their driver’s license than in the next 11 months combined.

The same study said there were a few factors that played into this shocking statistic. Those more likely to get involved in an accident or be cited for an infraction include:

  1. Those with no nighttime curfew
  2. Students with a lower GPA
  3. Males
  4. Teens living in rural areas

If you have a teen that is driving or will be soon, consider the following to help them avoid getting into an accident:

  • Have them limit the use of their cell phone while they are driving to reduce distractions.
  • Tell them to wear their seat belts to help avoid serious injury if they are in an accident.
  • Have them limit the number of passengers in their vehicle. Less people in the car = less distractions.
  • Take your teen out and have them drive in a variety of different road conditions and at different times of day. This will increase their driving experience and help prepare them for many different scenarios.

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