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March 16, 2014
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March 30, 2014
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The weather may not be consistently warm these days but nevertheless, spring is officially here. If you go by the calendar, it arrived on March 20th.

You’ve had to pack ice scrapers, warm blankets and winter emergency kits in your car, just in case of any winter-related emergencies.

Now, the ground is starting to thaw and the birds are chirping again. Did you know the arrival of spring also means you need to think about getting your car ready for more mild weather?

Here are some basic things Road & Track and recommend doing before you hit the road this spring:

  1. Checking your fluids is a good idea. These include the oil, brake fluid and, of course, windshield wiper fluid (which could be low after driving through melting and muddy snow).
  2. During the winter, your belts and hoses have the potential to crack during frigid temperatures so it’s a good idea to check them.
  3. Always be sure your tires are in good condition. Be aware of any potential bald spots or uneven wear on your tires.
  4. This is also a good time to replace any windshield wipers that may have become damaged or broken during a winter or ice storm. Spring in Nebraska often yields rain and you need to be able to see when you’re driving.
  5. Getting your car washed is a must to rid it of the sand and salt that may have attached itself to your vehicle during the winter.

“Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.” Lilly Pulitzer

Take care of your vehicle so it can do its job and take care of you. Spring is also a good time to get those dents, dings and scratches caused by flying rocks and sand fixed. Call Great Plains Auto Body today to make your appointment, 402.334.7100.