Halloween Driving Safety Tips

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Halloween Driving Safety Tips

MorguefileIf you drive during Halloween’s trick-or-treating hours – sunset until 8 p.m. and later – exercise caution with this Halloween driving safety tips.

Halloween Driving Safety Tips

Avoid prime areas

Children who usually follow pedestrian rules could discard caution in the pursuit of a bucketful of candy. For this reason, stay vigilant. Take detours or use extra caution when you see kids because it’s likely more are nearby.

It’s best to avoid the streets where trick-or-treaters roam. Many travel in packs for protection, so some neighborhoods will be filled with costumed creatures and their parents.

Slow down

Slow to a pace that feels ridiculously slow when you drive by trick-or-treaters. Some kids can’t see well while costumed. Others are extra restless and become inattentive because of the night’s activities. It’s your responsibility to look for pedestrians. Don’t assume everyone knows you’re there.

Be patient

You might see a kid or two dash across the street outside of a crosswalk. Some may even walk at a snail’s pace in front of your car. Be patient. If you blast your horn or yell, it’s more likely to make young children cry than to get you swiftly to your destination. Take a deep breath and don’t lose your patience.

Enjoy the view

There’s no other time of the year when your drive takes you past laughing, happy and excited kids. Free candy at every door is a child’s dream come true, so don’t spoil it by driving recklessly. For more Halloween driving safety tips, click here.

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