FIS: Fuel Injection Service can help save on gas

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June 3, 2021
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FIS: Fuel Injection Service can help save on gas

fuel injection service

FIS: Fuel Injection Service can help save on gas

When gas prices go up you might be paying closer attention to how often you’re filling up. Do you notice a drop in your vehicle’s engine performance and fuel economy? Does your car lack power when you hit the gas? These could be signs of a carbon build-up in the fuel system.

What is Carbon Build-up?

Over time, carbon deposits from burning gas can cause a layer of build-up on your fuel injectors and fuel system. Fuel Injector Service, (FIS), cleans all the build-up and clears it out of your fuel system.

A FIS is like using vinegar and baking soda in the dishwasher to remove grease. A fuel injection service will remove the carbon deposits and flush the fuel system.

Who needs a FIS?

If you drive a car, make/model between 1990 – 2020, you probably need one! Pretty much all of us.

When does my car need a FIS?

A good time to have your fuel injection system looked at is between 60,000 – 90,000-mile intervals.
If your odometer reads between 60,000 – 90,0000 miles or between 120,0000 – 180,000 miles you will want to get this maintenance. If you plan on keeping your vehicle as long as possible a FIS can help. Taking your vehicle in for regular maintenance and a certified auto body shop can help improve the life of your vehicle.

Why do you need a fuel injection service (FIS)?

There are varying reasons to have your Fuel Injection Services:

  • Improve your car’s gas mileage
  • Reduce your car’s emissions – lowers carbon footprint
  • Longevity of your car and performance

Where do you get your car’s Fuel Injection Serviced?

Are you planning a trip? Getting your car maintained before AND after a road trip is important and an FIS can help you with your gas budget! If you have any questions call Mike at Great Plains Auto Body and Car Care, 4103 Leavenworth Street, 402.551.6000.

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