Are Fuel Efficient Tires Worth the Cost?

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February 17, 2020
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Are Fuel Efficient Tires Worth the Cost?

Fuel Efficient Tires
If you need new tires on your vehicle, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the available choices. One type of tire that you may have come across during your research is fuel-efficient tires. These tires will typically come with a bit of a higher price tag. You may be wondering if they are worth the price that you are going to pay.

Are Fuel Efficient Tires Worth the Cost?

Definition of Fuel-Efficient Tires

This type of tire provides a low rolling resistance, which requires less energy than a standard tire. In other words, the easier that a tire rolls, the less heat will be generated. This means that it will need less fuel in order to move the vehicle. As tires heat up, it will cause the tread to wear out quickly. Choosing fuel-efficient tires will help to lower the frequency of needing to get new tires for your vehicle.

Needing to get new tires less frequently is a good thing. Not only does it lower your vehicle maintenance cost, but it also decreases the number of tires being thrown away. Fuel-efficient tires are often called eco-tires. They are considered eco-friendly because they help contribute to reducing harmful emissions and saving non-renewable resources.

Fuel-Efficient Tire Design

Tire designers have been working for years on creating tires that will roll more smoothly. One of the ways they have done this is by simply reducing the weight of each tire. Using less material is one of the ways this has been accomplished. Also, innovative materials such as silica along with other additives can help to reduce friction. This improves the roll of the tire, making it more fuel-efficient.

Tread is another factor impacting how the tire will roll. Smaller tread features will often turn more efficiently.

Also, fuel-efficient tires typically are designed with stiffer sidewalls. This helps to reduce any heat that is generated. Less heat means less energy being consumed, which translates into more rigid tires being more fuel-efficient.

Gas Savings

Several factors will impact the fuel economy of a vehicle regarding the tires. Correct inflation is one of those factors. Another of the elements is the driving habits of the owner. Drivers who tend to speed and brake hard, or you drive in a city often, and you are going to use more fuel than someone who accelerates smoothly and brakes gently. Practicing these driving habits can save you as much as 10 percent in fuel.

Fuel-efficient tires can also lower the amount of fuel that is used. These tires should save you up to 4 percent per gallon when compared to other regular tires.

Overall, the cost of fuel-efficient tires may be a bit more than a standard tire. However, these tires will save you money on gas and will also reduce how often you need new tires. When you compare the higher cost of these types of fuel-efficient tires, over the lifetime of a vehicle, fuel-efficient tires will save you money in the long run.

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