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November 10, 2014
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The Front Wheel Drive Sleigh

Winter HighwayThe holidays are a great time to pack up the food and gifts, pile in the roadster, and go visit friends and family. There are even folk songs written about holiday travels, starting with “over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go.”

Even if you’re not going out of town, you’re likely going across town for shopping or parties. Wherever you’re headed, the roads (however familiar they may be) become a very different place during the winter holiday season.

Take note of the differences

Remembering what makes things different November through January can help you avoid a lot of frustration, and possibly a costly accident.

  • The sun goes down sooner. Maybe your commute home used to face the blazing setting sun. Now it’s a dark sky and a line of brake lights. If your route passes a place such as a grocery store, you may be facing even more congestion in dark hours. Stay alert, keep your headlights on, and if at all possible, avoid problem areas.
  • Maintain your vehicle. Winter can make the roads messy and slippery, and other drivers can be unpredictable. Rule out one variable by keeping your car in tip top condition, including brakes, tires, lights and wipers, which are especially important in inclement weather.
  • Expect delays. Intersections and exits can back up quickly, especially around shopping centers, and on the highways on major holidays. Plan your routes and drive times as carefully as possible, and even then, add extra time to your trip to account for things beyond your control.

This is a time of year when it seems like almost everyone is out and about. Help make your holiday season a little smoother by keeping these driving tips in mind.

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