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November 17, 2014
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Best Gift Ever

Car with BowTelevision ads have drilled into our heads that cars can, indeed, be given as gifts – usually as a huge surprise, and wrapped in a giant red bow.

It seems impossible to pull off logistically, and even more unreasonable financially. And yet, as each year draws to a close, dealerships all over the country offer special pricing in anticipation of the biggest gift-giving holiday of all: Christmas.

Doing the ground work

If you have the finances, and a very special recipient in mind, giving a car as a Christmas gift is doable as long as you put in the work beforehand.

  • Shop around. This car should be what the recipient wants, not what you want. Keep that in mind as you test drive. Use the fact that it’s a gift as a negotiating tactic to drive the price down, according to instructional website eHow. Also, make sure you purchase the car before the last minute, so that the exact one you want doesn’t get sold to someone else.
  • Keep the paperwork straight. You may have a lot to consider when it comes to the permanent ownership of the vehicle, especially if you’ll be making payments for the next few years. Make sure you have a plan, and remember that if the car is in your name, you may have to transfer the title to the permanent owner with potential tax implications. Visit DMV for more information.
  • The big reveal. You will likely need some help “hiding” the car by making special arrangements, either with the dealership or a neighbor. Find a place to stow it until the right moment. Then, get creative with the “gifting.” Some ideas are to wrap the car keys in a box, to wrap a toy car, or to just blindfold the recipient and lead them to their present.

The television ads have also drilled into our heads that giving a car as a gift can make someone’s best Christmas ever. With careful planning, you might be able to make it happen.

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