How to Detail Your Car Like a Pro

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August 20, 2021
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How to Detail Your Car Like a Pro

Detail Your Car

Washing a car can oftentimes feel like a chore. However, that’s the case with any time-intensive, detail-oriented task. It takes time and patience in order to wash your car effectively. In this guide, we’re going to look at car detailing tips with the beginner in mind.

How to Detail Your Car Like a Pro

Prepare for Car Detailing

Car detailing can take anywhere from a couple of hours to 5-6 hours depending on the type of automobile and your speed. Let’s first get the basics down. Get started by gathering the items listed below:

  • Nitrile gloves
  • Safety glasses and face mask
  • Car vacuum and duster
  • Buckets and dirt traps
  • Microfiber cloth or towels
  • Wheel brush
  • Toothbrush and toothpicks

Additionally, you can buy a car odor eliminator, interior cleaner, car wash soap, cabin air filter, and lubricating spray to take your interior car detailing to the next level.

Time for a Car Wash

To start, fill two buckets with soapy water and put your dirt traps in. Now it’s time to tackle each part of the car for a wash. Using a hose at first helps to loosen exterior dirt. After you have loosened the exterior dirt, use a mitt soaked in soapy water to wash each section of the exterior. When it comes time to wash the wheels, a wheel brush or a spare toothbrush works best.

Wipe it all down

Once rinsing is completed it’s time to wipe your car down. It is important that you leave no curve, crevice, or spot untouched. The deeper you go, the more dirt you can take out. The first wipe should be used to soak the water away. After you wipe away any water that is left, use a second dry towel to complete the detailing.

Cleaning the car

Depending on which area you’re cleaning and detailing, you might need a specific set of tools. For example, perforated leather holes are cleaned best with a toothpick whereas narrow holes and gaps in the exterior are cleaned best with a Q-tip. Avoid any sharp metal objects to do the cleaning. Even if you’re dealing with stubborn dirt or gunk, keep your tools limited to the ones with cloth at the tip. Pro tip: Avoid wearing clothes with zippers or buttons, watches, or jewelry so you don’t accidentally scratch your vehicle while working. 

Finishing touches

Once your car is all cleaned up and dried properly, it’s time for some final touches.

  1. Waxing and polishing
  2. Interior detailing – vacuum
  3. Make your car shine with microfiber wipes.
  4. Use a clay bar to remove any contaminants embedded in the car paint.
  5. Pop the hood, hose it down and wipe the larger areas with a microfiber towel to clean any residual oil and dirt.

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