What Does The Check Engine Light Mean?

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What Does The Check Engine Light Mean?

What does check engine light mean?

You’re driving home from work one day when the car owner’s worst nightmare happens: the check engine light pops on. If you’re like most car owners, you have little idea about what that light is trying to tell you or exactly how you should react.

Ignore the warning, and you could end up damaging expensive components. It also can be a sign that your car is getting poor fuel economy and emitting higher levels of pollutants.

What Does The Check Engine Light Mean?

A lit up check engine light could mean a lot of things. Perhaps it’s a small issue or it could indicate the problem is more serious. The check engine light is there to keep car drivers aware of engine irregularities and sensory malfunctions.

Here are common malfunctions cause the check engine light to come on:

  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Loose or Faulty Gas Cap
  • Catalytic Convertor
  • Replace Mass Airflow Sensor
  • Replace Spark Plugs and Wires
  • A wet engine
  • Pinched or deteriorated fuel injector O-rings

What to do?

Many people do nothing, perhaps fearing an expensive repair bill. If the light comes on, the driver should first see if the gas cap is loose: That’s a common cause. A loose cap sends an error message to the car’s computer, reporting a leak in the vapor recovery system, which is one aspect of a car’s emissions system. If the gas cap is loose, tighten it and continue driving. Even so, it will take some time for the light to go off.

If it’s not the gas cap, it’s best to have a professional auto mechanic take a look at your vehicle when your check engine light comes on. They’ll use a code reader that plugs into the vehicle and gives a report.

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