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Why Use a Certified Mercedes-Benz Collision Center?

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February 16, 2018
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Why Use a Certified Mercedes-Benz Collision Center?

Why use Certified Mercedes-Benz Collision Centers

What’s different about a Mercedes-Benz Collision Center?
In a word, everything. While any accident is upsetting, it helps to know Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Repair Facilities are uniquely qualified to restore your Mercedes-Benz to its highest possible standard, in a timely manner and at an affordable cost.

Whether you drive a new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz, having your vehicle serviced by a certified mechanic is critical. Not only do Certified Mercedes-Benz Collision Center’s have the knowledge needed to keep your vehicle in top-notch shape, but you can also rest assured they’ll only use quality parts.

Learn what separates certified mechanics from the rest of the pack, and discover how these skilled professionals will keep your Mercedes-Benz running smoothly for years to come.

Reason Why Use a Certified Mercedes-Benz Collision Center


Unlike many independent collision repair shops, Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Repair Facilities provide the following:

  • Genuine Mercedes-Benz Replacement Parts are developed and crash tested to maintain an exact fit and exceptional standard of quality, while ensuring the precise craftsmanship and premium performance of your Mercedes-Benz
  • Mercedes-Benz approved equipment – including all tools, parts and paints
  • A Dedicated ficture bench developed exclusively for Mercedes-Benz vehicles so that repairs are made with assembly-line accuracy
  • Technicians with the advanced skills and training to ensure that repairs to your vehicles’s paint work and body work are performed with the utmost precision, commitment and care.

Superior Training

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you want to feel confident when you entrust it to a mechanic. With a Mercedes-Benz, this feeling becomes even stronger. When you take your car to the Certified Service Center Great Plains Auto Body Grover Street, you can be sure that all mechanics are factory-trained and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Certified.

This means all of our mechanics complete rigorous training specific to Mercedes-Benz vehicles, and they’re also well versed in the most cutting-edge auto repair methods. With this kind of training, you’ll never have to worry that your mechanic doesn’t know your vehicle, and you can feel assured that you’re receiving the best possible service.

Cost Savings

Swapping in an inexpensive aftermarket part or two might be tempting to address a minor issue, but incorporating third-party components into your Mercedes-Benz can easily become more expensive rather than cutting costs. Aftermarket parts are never exact replicas of Mercedes-Benz’s precisely engineered components, which means they can void any manufacturer’s warranty for your vehicle.

What’s more is that introducing third-party components can lead to expensive failures and dangerous safety issues down the road. Genuine parts ensure that your vehicle performs better over time, instead of worse.

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