Body Shop Auto Repair Process

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Body Shop Auto Repair Process

Body Shop Auto Repair Process | Great Plains Auto Body Shop Omaha

If you haven’t been in an accident before, the process, from collision to paid and repaired vehicle, can seem confusing.  One key to getting your car fixed right is choosing a reliable auto body collision repair shop in the first place.  Here is a brief overview of our body shop auto repair process.

Body Shop Auto Repair Process

At Drop Off

  • EstimateDuring estimates, the vehicle is inspected by one of our auto body repair professionals and the relevant data is entered into our computer systems. This data is compiled into an estimate that determines the cost of repairs.
  • Let the CSR know if you would like an estimate on other repairs.

Vehicle Safety System is Pre-Scanned

  • Clean the vehicle for inspection.
  • Record information about system function at arrival.
  • Inspect and document unrelated damages on vehicle.

Damage Analysis Process

  • Map vehicle to Visually Communicate Repair requirements.
  • Retrieve related OEM repair procedures / requirements.
  • Review damage and meticulously disassemble area for repair.
  • Identify all damage, necessary operations, parts availability, and build a complete auto repair plan.

Review Repair Plan

  • Great Plain body shop’s auto Repair Planner will call to review damage discovered at disassembly, answer your questions, and set an estimated completion date for your vehicle repairs.

Ongoing Progress Update

  • You will receive ongoing progress update on your vehicle form your Repair Planner or CSR based on your communication preference and frequency.

Vehicle Safety System receives a Post Repair Scan and Calibration as necessary

  • Your vehicle will be scanned to verify that all safety systems and sensors have been reset and are properly calibrated.
  • *Some vehicles require Calibration that can only be completed at the dealership, this can delay the completion of your repairs.

Final Clean-Up & Repair Quality Inspection

  • Your vehicle will be cleaned following repairs and then receive a final visual and systems function QUALITY inspection.

While your Vehicle is at Great Plains Auto Body Shop

  • Pre-wash and Inspection
  • Safety System Scanned
  • Damage analysis and parts
  • Review repair plan
  • Progress updates
  • Post scan and calibration
  • Final QUALITY inspection

Our Propose at Great Plains Auto Body Shop Omaha & Council Bluffs

  • Deliver to the vehicle owner, an invisible repair that meets or exceeds OEM repair standards for:
    • SAFETY
    • FINISH

Our Unique Communication Approach

The Great Plains Auto Body Shop team is committed to restoring your vehicle and getting your life back to normal. In order to accomplish this, we have made adjustments to the Administrative approach used by most auto repair shops. In traditional body shop auto repair facilities, the estimator will take care of watching your repair through the process and keep you informed. Taking care of both aspects can be difficult. In order to do an excellent job at both, Great Plains Auto Body Shop has divided these duties.

The Customer Service Representative (CSR) will provide:

  • Service
  • Progress updates
  • Communication

Before, during and after the auto repairs.

The Repair Planner:

They will write the VDE and guide the Disassembly and Damage Analysis process, which will lead to an accurate repair plan.

Body Shop Auto Repair Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my repair take?

  • Every repair is different. With the complexities of today’s vehicles, it is impossible in most cases to give you an Estimated Completion Date until the vehicle has completed Damage Analysis and the Repair Planning process.

Why does the estimate change so much after Damage Analysis?

  • The initial estimate is based upon a visual damage inspection, which only documents the damage that can be seen. It is not UNCOMMON to discover additional damages or components that need replacement once the vehicle is dissembled.

Why did my estimate completion change after the Repair Plan was set?

  • We make every effort to ensure that all the damaged components, necessary repair requirements, and sublet operations required to repair your car are identified prior to building your Repair Plan. Unfortunately, on occasion parts issues arise or required calibration and safety system resets are identified at post scan after repairs have been completed which can delay the delivery of your vehicle.

Great Plains Auto Body Shop Omaha & Council Bluffs | Best Body Shop Auto Repair Process Near You

At Great Plains Auto Body shop Omaha and Council Bluffs, we’re committed to giving you an unmatched level of service. As a company that’s been family owned and operated for more than 25 years, we’re dedicated to treating our customers as we would treat members of our own family. We’ll keep you informed throughout the entire repair process and make sure you’re satisfied when the job is complete. From estimating and detailing to collision repair and paint services, our ASE-certified mechanics and technicians make sure the job is done right and on time.