Bigger or Smaller Cars Safer?

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August 7, 2019
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Bigger or Smaller Cars Safer?

Bigger or Smaller Cars Safer?  Great Plain Auto Body Shop Omaha

Many people would consider bigger cars to be significantly safer than small cars, however technology has shrunk the gap between the sizes to focus on overall safety of newer cars. Car size doesn’t really matter in a devastating accident. However, in minor ones, the size of your ride can make a difference. Not only is an accident nerve-racking and car-wrecking, it can be budget-smashing too. One thing to remember is to keep perspective. If no one was injured in the accident, your car did its job. 

As the number one auto body repair shop in Omaha & Council Bluffs, we want you to be safe.  So we’ve dug deep and figured out how you, and your family, can remain safe on the roads.

Are Bigger or Smaller Cars Safer?

Let’s back up a minute: so are bigger or smaller cars safer in an auto collision? Most people assume bigger cars are much safer than smaller cars, but technology has closed the gap between the sizes to hone in more on the overall safety spectrum of the newer cars. No matter what, keep these factors in mind:

Newer Cars are Safest – Regardless of Size

Modern vehicles have more safety features that minimize injury and risk of death. You can certainly add many features (for a price), but some of the standard safety features include:

  • Side, rear, side-curtain, and front airbags
  • Electronic stability control, which stabilizes your car if it spins out of control
  • Back up sensors and back up camera
  • Blind spot warning using a camera or sensor

Weight Factor

Small cars are compact and may look convenient, but the fact is; the bigger the car, the better the safety. The big and heavy is always a recommended choice over small and light. The weight of a bigger car aids in preventing the reflex impact in case of a frontal collision. This is because bigger cars tend to have longer hoods, large crush zones that give them an upper hand at the time of a crash.


People usually ask, “Are SUVs safer than cars,” well the answer is definitely, yes! SUVs or sports utility vehicles as you may say it is safer than cars. These vehicles are the most trending category when it comes to safety built-up and features. The advantage of bigger SUVs is that they are taller thus making them safer in case of underride. According to a 2015 survey, SUVs bagged the best position in terms of safety.


As the weight of the car goes up, so does its momentum. Consequently, the car requires more time to slow down. When colliding with a smaller vehicle, the energy of the bigger car will transfer to the smaller one, causing it more damage. In addition, the force of the impact can cause injury to the passenger in the smaller car.

Smaller cars also come with a much higher risk when getting into a collision with a larger car. Big cars push smaller cars, boosting the risk of injuries like whiplash.

Safest Type of Vehicle

The type of car that works the best will vary by your needs and that of your family. Perhaps you have small children and safety is a top concern, or maybe you’re looking for a durable car for your new teenage driver. If you’re concerned about the environment, choosing a car that’s more environmentally friendly will be of paramount importance.

A little research can provide you with information on

  • Vehicle ratings and crash tests
  • Included safety features and available add-ons
  • Electronic stability control
  • Recalls that may compromise the safety of the vehicle

Stay Safe Out There

You may be the safest driver in the world, but that won’t stop a distracted idiot from t-boning you to the hospital. Slow down, stay alert, and wait to respond to a text message until after you’ve arrived at your destination.

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