Tips For Avoiding Traffic Jams

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Tips For Avoiding Traffic Jams

avoiding traffic jams

Traffic jams are the bane of most people’s commutes. They are time-consuming and in many cases a source of stress and rage. Instead of getting mad about wasting gas or being in traffic, try avoiding traffic jams, to begin with.

Tips For Avoiding Traffic Jams

Some traffic problems are seasonal that may be hard to avoid, but with a few of our tips, you can be on your way to your destination in no time.

Manage Your Timing

Managing your road time is the best way to avoid the bulk of traffic jams. Heavy rush hours tend to be the times when most people are heading to school and work as well as the times they are going back home from the same places. Plan your departure in a way that will allow you to get to work or school at least 20 minutes ahead of schedule. The early bird may get less sleep, but they also have to face less traffic when they hit the road. For return rush hour, consider delaying your return for an hour after everyone has left the area. Run errands in the local area so that you miss the bulk of the departure rush.

Map Out Secondary Routes

Apps and the radio are a great way to get real-time information on the roads in your area. However, you can’t always rely on the local internet when trying to navigate new places. Have a few alternative routes memorized so that you can take detours if you happen to run into traffic along the way. Sometimes a traffic accident just ahead can cause jams miles long, knowing a quick side street that will let you circle around the problem can be a true time-saver.

Stay Tuned To Your Radio

Even if you follow most of our traffic tips, there is always a chance that a jam can pop up along your route. Turn your radio into your local radio station to get live updates about traffic in your area. If there are major accidents or roadblocks, they will often be advertised on the radio before your local maps have them updated. Twitter is also a helpful resource. For example, you can follow the Nebraska Department of Transportation for highway conditions.

Download A Traffic App

There are a few apps that you can download that will help when it comes to avoiding traffic jams. If you don’t want to download anything new, most phones and GPS units have Google maps installed already. Turn the service on while you are on your commute to begin avoiding traffic jams in real-time. Not only will you be informed of traffic updates before they become a problem, but you can also get suggestions for alternative routes to your destination. You might end up finding something new along the way as well.

Time Your Alternatives Well

You may have an alternate route planned out in the event of a sudden jam, but many others will have the same idea. If there is an accident, chances are your alternate route can get backed up pretty quickly. Have a third route mapped out in the event that you were not able to divert your course in time to miss the pileup.

Leave the Driving To Others

Sometimes the best way to avoid traffic and the stress that comes with it is to take public transportation. If you don’t mind traveling with the masses, you can hop on the train, bus, or even a carpool to cut down on your overall commute. Not only will you save yourself the headache, but you will help save the environment by cutting down on the number of cars on the road. Public transportation is also a great place to catch up on that book you forgot to read or sending out emails that may have been pending after a long day at work.

Motorcycles & Bicycles

Cars take up a lot of space which can also slow you down during rush hour. If you can, consider riding a bike or a motorcycle instead. Not only are they more eco-friendly, but you will be able to reach into smaller spaces to get to your destination much quicker. Just stay aware of the people around you and others on the road. Moving about in a jam can be tricky with so many people hopping lanes to try to get ahead.

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