Autumn Driving: Here Come the Leaves

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September 16, 2016
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October 24, 2016
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Autumn Driving: Here Come the Leaves

Autumn Driving Risks LeavesThe abundance of trees in Omaha and the surrounding area make for some very scenic drives, particularly as leaves change color and fall to the ground. And though many motorists are more concerned about winter and driving in the snow, it’s also important to consider the risks of autumn driving.

Autumn Driving Risks

Camouflaged Road Conditions

 What mysteries lurk below that pretty patch of leaves littering the road? It could be smooth pavement. But there can also be bumps, potholes or debris waiting under the leaves.

When autumn weather turns wet, leaves that otherwise merrily dance along the road are pasted to the street. They can be slippery and hide the true road conditions. So it’s important to cautious when you drive on leaf-covered streets — you simply can’t be sure what they may hide.

 Scenic and Sneaky

 Leaves that find their way inside the body and undercarriage of your car may not seem like a big deal. But if enough leaves congregate, you may find yourself with paint damage, rust, and perhaps even clogged pipes and drains, warns The Washington Post.

Here are three easy tips for dealing with autumn leaves on your car:

  • Park your vehicle where it is least likely to get blasted by falling leaves.
  • Remove leaves from the car’s body as you find them.
  • Frequent car washes (including the undercarriage) can help keep leaf damage at bay.

The trick is to not to assume the colorful leaves you appreciate as scenery can’t hurt your car – they can. Evict leaves from your car whenever they try to take up residence and avoid what can be significant damage.

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