4 Essential Defensive Driving Techniques

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4 Essential Defensive Driving Techniques

Defensive DrivingDefensive driving is so much more than keeping your eyes open while on the road. Its techniques are designed to keep drivers safe and avoid accidents regardless of road conditions.

Essential Defensive Driving Techniques

Here are four triedandtrue defensive driving techniques to ensure safe and uneventful trips for you and your passengers.

Don’t try to read minds

 One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to assume you know what another driver will do. Don’t expect other drivers to follow the rules and drive in a predictable way. Instead, keep your eye on the vehicles around you and pay attention to what they actually do.

Keep a safe distance

 The car ahead of you might slam on its brakes without warning. So keep a safe distance between you and the car in front. That way, bumpers won’t crunch and frames don’t get bent if the other driver brakes unexpectedly.

Don’t get distracted

 If you chat on your phone, slurp coffee or, most dangerously, text while you drive, you can’t pay effective attention to the traffic around you. Always be fully aware of your surroundings. And avoid distractions so you notice any danger that heads your direction.

No road rage

Keep your emotions in check while you drive, especially if you get angry when another driver cuts you off or surprises you. Calmness is important because you need a focused mind. If you “lose your cool” when other drivers annoy you, you don’t drive as well as you should or could.

Defensive driving can help you drive safely and avoid collisions, so keep your eyes open and your head clear. After all, the cargo you carry is usually precious. For more defensive driving tips, click here.

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