3 Essential Rental Car Tips

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May 24, 2016
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3 Essential Rental Car Tips

Rental Car TipsA rental can be a lot of fun because it lets you drive a different vehicle than you’re accustomed to. Whether you rent from necessity or for fun, follow these rental car tips to pay as little as possible.

Rental Car Tips

Rental car insurance

Find out before you pick up your car if you should say “yes” to the insurance coverage your rental car company offers. There are two organizations you should consult first:

  • Your insurance provider: Depending on your existing coverage, you may not need additional insurance. Check with your auto insurer to see how much they’ll cover. If your policy won’t adequately cover your rental, buying the additional coverage may be smart.
  • Your credit card company: The credit card you use to pay for the rental may provide the extra coverage you need. This perk’s fairly common. But the benefit only kicks in when you actually use the card, not if you pay with a different card or cash.

Get the best deal

A little preparation can save you a lot of money car. Some rental car companies offer significant discounts if you pay for the entire rental beforehand. Either way, reserve the car online before you pick it up. This will save you more money than if you simply walk up to the counter and rent a vehicle on the spot.

Authorized drivers

When you sign your rental documents, you must specify who can drive the car. You may pay extra for each additional driver. Don’t let anyone drive the car who is not authorized. If an accident occurs while an unauthorized driver’s behind the wheel, it may void any coverage you bought.

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