New Vehicle Safety Features for 2014

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December 31, 2013
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January 20, 2014
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New Vehicle Safety Features for 2014

Each year automakers introduce new must-have safety features and this year is no different. Here are some of the coolest new features designed to keep you safe as you drive.

The self-driving car? Well…almost.

Several car companies are introducing a feature they call “lane-keeping.” According to Forbes, this feature uses a combination of cameras and sensors that watch the road and make steering adjustments as needed to keep your car centered between lanes.

Step on it. Or don’t. Some new vehicles will offer an “automatic brake hold.” This means that if you have to stop for an extended period, say at a train crossing, there’s a system in the vehicle that will keep your brakes engaged for up to 10 minutes without your having to brake by foot.

Hydrophobic sounds like a person who has a fear of water, but it isn’t. There are new vehicles coming out that offer specially treated windows that offer drivers better outward visibility driving during a rainstorm.

Is parallel parking frustrating for you? You’re in luck. A number of vehicles are being equipped with a feature that USAA explains will help you get started and then allow you to park hands-free with the car’s computer doing the work of actually parking the vehicle. Say goodbye to fender bender parking blunders.

You can see…everything. Several new luxury vehicles are offering infrared night vision. This allows you to see things that may be outside the scope of your headlights. This means no more “invisible” pedestrians.

Despite automakers best intentions, sometimes all the safety features available will not prevent you from getting involved in an accident. If your vehicle is damaged, call Great Plains Auto Body for assistance, 402.334.7100.