The Great American Road Trip

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July 14, 2014
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July 28, 2014
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The Great American Road Trip

Road TripVacation season is in full swing. For many people with families, this means piling in the car and hitting the road to see some of our great nation. A road trip presents the possibility for great adventures, as long as you’re prepared.

Put the kids first

You know to check the tire pressure before a long drive, but family-focused magazine Parents offers several tips for your little travelers. Their list includes:

  • Get your booster seat checked. Make sure it’s installed correctly before a road trip. Even though you should be doing this for your daily driving, a vacation is a good time to cover your bases.
  • Remember your sun smarts. A long day in the back seat can make kids hot. You may want to put the youngsters in a hat (and maybe sunglasses) or invest in a sunscreen for the windows.
  • Tie down heavy weights. In an accident, anything can become a projectile. Your heaviest suitcases, strollers, etc., should be strapped down. As an alternative, stow heavy objects low in the seats.

The big picture needs consideration too

Car research site The Car Connection offers some overall tips to keep in mind on your trip. For example:

  • Get out your map. As much as you can, look at the roads you’ll need, where they meet up and how many miles you’ll be on them.  Don’t count on your phone GPS!
  • Exit during rush hour. Passing through an unfamiliar city during its peak driving times can increase tension and wear you out. It’s best to schedule this time for meals, sightseeing or other breaks that will keep you off the road.
  • Take a break. Rush hour isn’t the only time you should give yourself a break. Sitting in one spot for several hours is tough on everyone, adults and kids alike. Don’t stress the family, and don’t push your limits for staring down the highway.

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