Your Car and the Environment

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January 26, 2015
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Your Car and the Environment

Car ExhaustMost people are aware of the things that cause pollution. Most people have heard terms like “carbon footprint” and “Environmental Protection Agency.” And most people know that the car they drive every day results in air pollution.

The EPA says that individual cars are not large polluters, but the millions of cars on the road every day add up to the single greatest polluter. That makes commuting a typical citizen’s most polluting daily activity.

The culprits

There are four main types of pollutants in automobile exhaust:

  • Hydrocarbons – These result in ground-level ozone, one of the major components of smog
  • Nitrogen Oxides – Precursors to the formation of ozone and contributors to acid rain
  • Carbon Monoxide – Reduces flow of oxygen in the human bloodstream (which means, it’s dangerous)
  • Carbon Dioxide – A “greenhouse gas” that traps the earth’s heat

The EPA has taken steps to reduce emissions and protect the environment, starting with the Clean Air Act of 1970. As emission standards tightened, auto makers responded with emission control systems, and eventually, hybrid and electric cars.

In many states, the DMV requires car emissions tests. These inspections make sure vehicles meet state emission and safety standards. In some states, the inspection must take place at the DMV, while some states authorize other locations to conduct the test. Nebraska does not require emissions tests, according to the DMV, but it does inspect other aspects of vehicles, such as the odometer and the vehicle identification number (VIN).

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