But it’s brand new!

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February 3, 2014
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But it’s brand new!

No matter how awesome a vehicle may be, sometimes parts need to be recalled or fixed by the manufacturer. But this isn’t something you just know.

So how do you find out if a part or parts on your vehicle have been recalled?

First of all, Kelley Blue Book says the manufacturer will let you know either by mail or on the telephone.

Sometimes recalls happen via the media before your manufacturer can contact you. If this happens, Kelley Blue Book recommends contacting the manufacturer, local dealership or the Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236.

The most important piece of information to have on hand when you call is the VIN number. This is your vehicle identification number and it’s what differentiates your vehicle from every other. With the VIN number, the dealer, manufacturer or hotline will be able to tell you if your vehicle is part of the recall.

What happens if your car does have a part that’s been recalled?

Cars.com says it’s best to bring your car to your car dealership immediately to be fixed. Many times vehicles are recalled because the defects found might impact driver safety.

Additionally, if you believe your car may have a defective part, cars.com advises getting it fixed and then saving all receipts. If the manufacturer later issues a recall, you can apply for reimbursement.

How do recalls happen?

Recalls occur when a manufacturer detects a defective part through tests. The majority of the remaining recalls occur after vehicle owners file complaints with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

If you suspect a problem with your vehicle, you can visit the NHTSA to register your complaint.