Bad Habits … of Other Drivers

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August 4, 2014
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August 18, 2014
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Bad Habits … of Other Drivers

Traffic Jam

The open road can be a thing of great American wonder. It has inspired explorers and poets alike. The problem these days can be finding the “open” road – one free of the other, annoying drivers.

A recent USA Today article polled some editors for their biggest vehicular pet peeves. The list focuses on common (or not so common) courtesies. Be aware of your surroundings and conscious of what other drivers might be trying to do, including just go around you.

Beyond courtesy

Some bad habits go beyond annoyance into dangerous territory. What you may think is an innocent little habit may actually make you a distracted, and therefore dangerous, driver according to How Stuff Works.

Most of these common (but bad) habits are easily corrected with a little practice and a little planning.

  • Don’t fiddle with technology. Put your phone on silent (or in the backseat), or keep the radio off if you have to. It’s important that you focus on the road and not changing the station, updating your status or taking that call.
  • Don’t eat, drink or groom. All of these things should be taken care of before you leave the house or once you reach your destination. Because they are things people commonly do every morning, many drivers have gotten in the habit of doing them on the road, which can lead to distracted driving and possibly accidents.
  • Don’t ride your breaks downhill. If you press your brakes ever so slightly but don’t actually slow down, you risk wearing away your bakes. Shift to a lower gear if you feel the need to slow gradually.
  • Don’t focus on your passengers. While it’s hard not to steal a glance at the infant in the back seat, or your dog enjoying the breeze, think carefully before taking your eyes off the road. If your passengers need something, pull over to help them out, even the four-legged ones.

Strive to be a courteous and attentive driver!

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