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cautionMost Omaha area schools are back in session. If you enjoyed the school bus-free roads for the last few months, you may have had some unexpected company on your morning commute lately. Drivers may grumble about the congestion caused by the big, slow-moving buses, and some people may get impatient when waiting for kids to board. Of course, most people know that it’s illegal in every state to pass a school bus stopped to load or unload children.

In addition to the extra traffic concerns, back to school season brings safety issues. Drowsy morning drivers who have grown accustomed to summer traffic should refresh themselves on some safety tips.

Not just buses, but tiny pedestrians

The National Safety Council offers a list of pointers which remind us that kids are not just getting onto the bus, they’re also walking and riding their bikes in the roads. Drivers need to be aware of how to handle these situations.

  • Children are unpredictable. Be alert. Things like passing on the right or crowding a bus can have tragic consequences. Keep your eyes up and stay a safe distance between you and the bus in front of you.
  • Do not block crosswalks. Stopping with any portion of your car in a cross walk forces pedestrians to go around you, which could put them in danger of getting hit by other vehicles.
  • Obey school zone speed limits. Yes, you do have to slow to a crawl. However, that just makes it easier for you to stop when those unpredictable little pedestrians do something you weren’t expecting.
  • Watch for young bicyclists. Children may not know to signal their turns when riding a bike. You should always watch for one of them to turn in front of you, and you should always wait for them to clear the intersection before you turn. And, just like pedestrians, bicycles can come out from between parked cars.

While back to school time is a good reason to go over some safety tips, they should stay with you all year. Little pedestrians can dart out in front regardless of the time of year.

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