Learn more about GPAB’s Body Work & More

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July 15, 2013
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Learn more about GPAB’s Body Work & More

Great Plains Auto Body, best auto body repair shops near you,  is a full service collision repair facility and each shop has a particular segment, including:

  • Mechanical
  • Paint Preparation
  • Painting
  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Body Work

When they DO paint, Great Plains uses environmentally-friendly and water-based paints.

About Great Plains Auto Body | Best Auto Body Repair Shops Near You

GPAB keeps busy all year long repairing vehicles, but the needs change with the seasons. During summer, the majority of vehicles GPAB repairs are due to hail and storms. In the all, rain and deer cause the most accidents. And in the winter, snow causes wrecks and with it, vehicle damage.

Normally, each repair requires just two people, a painter and a body man. If there’s a mechanical problem, then GPAB’s mechanic will work on the vehicle as well. Many times, customers are confused by what type of coverage they have and what their insurance does and doesn’t cover. GPAB staff can assist customers with this process.

Great Plains Auto Body collision repair centers in Omaha and Council Bluffs, Iowa is committed to providing quality service and updates on vehicle repairs as often as the customer wants and through whichever medium the customer prefers, whether an email, call or text.

When customers check in, they are given a sheet to fill out asking their personal preference regarding updates. Customers may choose to be updated once a day, every other day or when completed. This ensures that customers receive as much information about their vehicle repair that they want.

In order to make sure you receive the best service possible, Great Plains Auto Body recommends you express specific concerns when you drop your car off. Specifically, if you have questions, you should write them down before you come in. GPAB staff is here to help and don’t want anyone walking out confused.

Great Plains Auto Body Omaha & Council Bluffs | Best Auto Body Repair Shops Around Your Area

At Great Plains Auto Body, we’re committed to giving you an unmatched level of service. As a company that’s been family owned and operated for more than 25 years, we’re dedicated to treating our customers as we would treat members of our own family. We’ll keep you informed throughout the entire repair process and make sure you’re satisfied when the job is complete. From estimating and detailing to collision repair and paint services, our ASE-certified mechanics and technicians make sure the job is done right and on time.

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